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Year Auguste Pavie Indochina France and colonial empire

31st May. Birth of Auguste Pavie in Dinan

Auguste Pavie with his mother and his brother (©ANOM all rights reserved)

Advent of the Second Republic

Abolition of slavery


Birth of Pierre Pavie


Birth of Adèle Pavie

2nd December. Coup d’état
by Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte


Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte
proclaimed Emperor


Occupation of
New Caledonia


Louis Faidherbe becomes
Governor of Senegal


Submission of the Kabyle.

Faidherbe creates the Senegalese

« The flag of the native Senegalese infantry ».
Front cover of the 1st June 1919 edition of the "Petit Journal"

Start of the war
against the Toucouleur Empire.


Anglo-French expedition
in China

1st Tientsin Treaty
with China

Creation of the ministries for
Algeria and the Colonies


Capture of Hué
Capture of Saigon by Admiral
Rigault de Genouilly

Taking the citadel of Saïgon
by vice-admiral
Rigault de Genouilly
in 1859.
Painting by Antoine Morel Fatio.
Versailles, Musée du château

2nd Tientsin Treaty


Journey of Napoleon III
to Algeria


16th April. Treaty of Hué
(ceding of three provinces
in Lower Cochinchina)

11th August. Cambodia becomes
a French protectorate


Soldier in the 62nd regiment of the line (Brest)

Pavie the soldier (©ANOM all rights reserved)
1866 - 1868

Expedition to the Mekong

Mekong commission. Doudart de Lagrée expedition (©BNF/Geographic Society)

Soldier in the 4th Marine Infantry regiment

Occupation of the remainder
of Cochinchina

Franco-Siamese treaty
regarding Cambodia


Pavie sets sail for Saigon


Assistant officer in the Telegraph Service

Ounkam becomes King
of Luang Prabang

King Ounkham (©Quai Branly Museum/Scala, Florence)
1870 - 1871

Defeat in Sedan
Fall of the Second Empire
18th March – 28th May Paris Commune
10th Loss of Alsace and Lorraine
4th September. Third Republic de

Kabyle Insurrection


Stanley finds

« Doctor Livingstone I presume » in Henry Stanley
"How I found Livingstone"
(©ANOM all rights reserved)

20th November. Francis Garnier
seizes the citadel
of Hanoi.

21st December. Death of Francis Garnier

Death of Francis Garnier
Private collection

Closure of slave
market in Zanzibar


Telegraph Service competitive examination

15th march
Philaster Treaty
with the Emperor
of Annam

1875 - 1878

1st expedition by
Brazza on the Ogowe river

Brazza by Nadar (©ANOM all rights reserved)

Posting to Kampot

A street in Kampot (©Quai Branly Museum/scala, Florence)

Brussels Geographic Conference


Beginnings of the conquest
of French Sudan
by Gallieni

« General Gallieni, the peacemaker »
Epinal picture

Posting to Phnom Penh

The Mekong in Phnom Penh (©Quai Branly Museum/Scala, Florence)

Le Myre de Vilers named first
civilian governor of Cochinchina


23rd September 1880 - 10th November 1881.
1Jules Ferry’s First Ministry
Tahiti becomes a French colony
Treaties between Brazza and the Makoko

Makoko treaties (©ANOM all rights reserved)

Start of the war between
France and China
for control of Annam.

Massacre of the Flatters mission by
the Touaregs.

« The survivors of the Flatters mission are poisoned by the Touareg » on the 10th March 1881.
G Dasher’s notebook cover circa 1900

Creation of an Under-Secretariat of State for the Colonies
May. Treaty of Bardo (Protectorate over Tunisia)
Lat Diro Insurrection in Senegal
Baule Insurrection in Côte d’Ivoire
French protectorate over Fouta Djallon (Guinea)


Pavie initiated at the "Réveil de l’Orient" lodge in Saigon

Death of Commander Rivière in Hanoi

Death of Riviere in Hanoi (©Kharbine-Tapabor)

Protectorate established over the Gambier
and Tuamotu Islands
Occupation of the oases of Touggourt,
Ouargal and the Mzab
July. Beginning of the military
occupation of Egypt by the British

1883 - 1885

3rd Brazza mission
"Mission of the African West"


August. Protectorate treaty imposed
on Annam

23rd February – 30th March 1885
Ferry’s Second Ministry

« Ferry is happy ».
Caricature by Blass, published in the 18th May 1890 edition of "the Pilori"
(©Jean Vigne/Kharbine-Tapabor)

Beginning of the war against Samory
Touré in French Sudan


Knight of the Legion of Honour

Treaty of Tien tsin through
which China recognises
French protectorate over
Annam and Tonkin

New protectorate over Cambodia

November. Opening of the Berlin


Senior official in the Telegraph Service Creation of the Cambodian School 11th Nov. appointed vice-consul of Luang Prabang

Pavie on the banks of the Mekong (©Dinan municipal Library)

Beginning of the Cambodian

Langson disaster

Expedition to Madagascar


10th Feb. arrival in Luang Prabang June - Sacking of Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang (©Quai Branly Museum/Scala, Florence)

Creation of the Indochinese Union
qwhich places Annam, Tonkin,
Cochinchina and Cambodia
under the authority of the Governor


February-March – meets the Pernot column Additional personnel join the Pavie Mission

The mission in 1888 (©ANOM all rights reserved)

Founding of Djibouti


Creation of the French
Africa Committee
Founding of the Colonial School
Protectorate over Côte d’Ivoire
November 1889. Start of the
Anti-Slavery Conference in Brussels


April 1st meeting with Deo Van Tri

Deo Van Tri (©ANOM all rights reserved)

Consul General in Bangkok

April. Massacre of
the Crampel Mission

Crampel in Le Tour du monde, 1892 (©ANOM all rights reserved)

Minister Resident in Bangkok

Founding of the Colonial Party
in parliament

Expedition to Dahomey


General Commissioner in Laos

Pavie (© ANOM all rights reserved)

Occupation of the Isle of Khone
by the French

Khone island.
pictures Lucien de Reinach
(©ANOM all rights reserved)

3rd October – Franco-Siamese Treaty

Creation of the Colonial Union

Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea
and Dahomey become
French colonies


Creation of the Colonies Ministry

Final occupation of Timbuktu


Final departure from Indochina Herbet-Fournet Prize from the Geographic Society

Agreement between France
and China on the Indochinese

Expedition to Madagascar
and annexation of the island (1896)

The Madagascar Expedition.
Picture of a hova camp. Front cover of the 2nd June 1895 edition of the "Petit Journal"

Creation of General Government
in French West Africa which
unites Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea,
Senegal and Sudan.


Plenipotentiary Minister


The Anglo-French demarcation commission (©ANOM all rights reserved)
1897 - 1902

Paul Doumer Governor
General of Indochina


Marriage to Hélène Gicquelais

Auguste Pavie and Hélène Gicquelais' marriage certificate (©Paris Departmental Archives)

Publication of the 1st Mission volume Birth of Paul Pavie

Laos is included
in the Indochinese Union

Capture of Samory Touré
in French Sudan

« Capture of the horrendous Samory by Captain Gouraud and Lieutenant Jacquin »
in the 9th October edition of the "Pèlerin"

Fashoda Crisis in
the upper Nile between Marchand
and Kitchener
Establishment of concessionary
companies in the Congo


Publication of the map of Indochina

Map of Indochina by Boucher (©Private collection)

Voulet-Chanoine Mission


End of the Rabah Empire
in Chad

« The head of Rabah, killed in the battle of Kousseri, brought to the French camp »
in the 12th August 1900 edition of the Journal Illustré

Revolt by the mountain dwellers
of the Boloven plateau.


Geographic Society Grand Gold Medal.


Inspection mission
by Brazza in the Congo

Brazza’s recall in "Le Petit journal", 1905 (©ANOM all rights reserved)

Moroccan crisis in Tangier


Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour

Pavie (©ANOM all rights reserved)

Conference of Algeciras


Siam returns three Cambodian
provinces to France


Creation of French Equatorial
Africa combining the Gabon,
the Congo, Oubangui-Chari
and Chad

Illustrated poster of the French Equatorial Africa circa 1850 (©ANOM all rights reserved)

Treaty of Fez installing
French protection over Morocco

« The Epiphany cake in 1912 » in the 7th January 1912 edition of the "Excelsior" (©Kharbine Tapabor)

Annexation of Cameroon


First Pan-African Congress in Paris

France and Britain
share Togo
and Cameroon

« The native chiefs of the black populations of Togo and Cameroun in Anecho are coming to ask the Republic’s Commissionary to obtain the French nationality »
in the 6th April 1919 edition of the "Pèlerin"
1919 - 1921

July 1919 – March 1921. :
Revolt by the Hmong (Meos)
in the Xieng Khouang region
against taxation and conscription

Méos (©Quai Branly Museum/Scala, Florence)

League of Nations mandates
granted to France in Lebanon and Syria


Publication of “A la conquête des coeurs”


Annexation of the French
Somali Coast


7th June. Death at la Raimbaudière

Pavie by his son (ANOM all rights reserved)